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My background

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I started violin lessons at the age of 11, quite late by many peoples's standards.i sat loads of exams and entered many competitions. I was lucky enough to learn off one of new Zealand's finest teachers, Zillah Castle, from her home in Newtown Wellington.  Zillah was a unique teacher in that she had travelled the world and devoted her whole life to the violin. She had met many famous composers and performers. She was formidable but a great inspiration to me. I thought I would end up in the symphony orchestra with my peers, but instead I became a free freelance performer of Irish, Jazz, Folk, Country, Rock, and Blues. I learnt to jam along to anything and have recorded on many people's albums.

violin has given me a lifetime of unique experiences, travelling, teaching, meeting wonderful people and performing in many different ways.

I have been teaching for 30 years .

Questions and Answers...

What age does one learn ?

I personally like to teach from age 7 because the violin is a physically demanding instrument and can be a bit painful until muscles have developed. Many other teachers take younger students

Can adults learn?

Yes! The only thing  inhibiting an adult beginner is time and self pressure to sound great too soon.

How much are lessons?

I don't charge as much as many teachers as this is not my sole income source, however it requires a lot of preparation . I charge $25 per half hour . Some students have an hours lesson and take home enough material to last a fortnight. Beginners need weekly lessons.

How much practise is needed?

The violin needs ten mins a day at the start to ease into the physicality of the instrument, then increasing to 20 mins, then half hour and finally an hour a day to become any good at it.

Is it hard to learn?

The violin is easier  if you have a great ear, great focus, and tends to suit a perfectionist personality. it is not really an instrument for the laid back casual types..